Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My favorite favorite wedding of all time

Can you believe it, stumbling across this beautiful wedding shoot got me really started into this crazy blog lov'n business - now i can't go though a day without reading one (or ten), and being inspired, ah they are the best thing ever!

I have been of the mind to keep this little wedding idea to myself, but I just love this idea to MUCH! Wow.

So....me- Ginny, M- Ed? Can you see it? Anyway.... I just totally love everything about these photos. Everything.  Mmmm so Romantic! How fun. (Google 100layercake or oncewed for more prettiness).

(P.S. I think Mum would love the first photo).

(Google 100layercake or oncewed for more prettiness).

Flower Girl

If you know me well, then you would know that I secretly spend hours looking at event and design blogs (especially weddings). If I put up everything I fell in love with then you would probably think I was a little obsessed.....so I wont. Yet. Just wait till I actually get to plan one!

Owhl. I am just going to start anyway.... there are so many inspirational shoots out there, and if I don't get them on this blog, I might forget about them and you might never see them!

These images are from another of my recently perused blogs JessicaClaire.

I just love flowers, especially when they are used together with other vintage collections

How great do the glass and pomegranates look?