Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Vintage Kitchen

I found this a company The Vintage Kitchen, who hires out vintage mismatched plates, cutlery and and cake stands. Would be the perfect idea for a garden party.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And run like a whippet....

I just think whippets are the greatest! I spent the whole night looking at pictures of them and decided I wanted to share my love for them here. I love the blue and faun ones but anyone will do.......

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ride like a dutchman

Don't you just love vintage bicycles? The wide seats,the tan pretensioned leather and pedal generated lights. Well, next time you come to Melb's you can hire one from a few hours to a few months, for a very modest fee from The Humble Vintage (see here). They even come with a lock, helmet and your very own cafe guide. Be a cute wedding car idea =).
Saturday, May 8, 2010

loving vintage cozzies

Big Eggs

I was perusing the nets this afternoon and stumbled upon this cool idea from a braziliam designer Domingos Totora via Klauinteriors. This guy has used recycled cardboard to make some pretty funky creations. My favorites are the eggs which you could just hug. (or pretend you are great at lifting large stones) and I am wondering if I could do something similar...... see how they have created the "Agua Table" it below.

Vertical Garden

The house that we are living in at the moment in surrounded by a high fence, meaning the living and kitchen windows look straight out onto treated pine, and the back yard feels a little gloomy and concreted. I went to Bunnings today to find a solution but couldn't really find any inspirations. Later that day I remembered Michael sending me a picture of a green-wall and I have decided that this will be the solution to my gardening woes! Apparently this is the new thing in Australian Architecture and great for energy efficiency , check out a few pictures I have found for inspiration.

I then thought about what kind of plants I could put into my vertical and did a bit of a search to find something more fitting to our yard. Vegetables seem like a great option and this rustic looking green wall would look  great on our backyard wall if we could get enough sun....

Ferns are also another could be a great option and might work better due to our lack of sunlight.

I think the idea that we will go for in front of our windows is the one below that I found on LUSHE (check out the website for DIY), just because I love the interesting shapes and colours. They are works of art.